The Beauty of Birth

Last night, I plucked up my courage and attended a meeting at the Fraser Valley Birth Network… by myself. I’m terrible at networking, and I usually try to go with a friend. I feel shy and awkward and like I don’t have anything important or interesting to say. Moments before Eric told me that I had to go, I was listing off a dozen reasons NOT to go. They included being tired, the girls might miss me, I had a list a mile long of things that needed to be done… you get the picture. Anything and everything to justify not going.

I’m really glad I did go. While it wasn’t easy, I did meet a few lovely ladies and had the pleasure of listening to Jaydene of Cradled Creations, talk about the beauty of being a birth photographer.


Since having my girls, the idea of birth photography has been in the back of my mind. Last year, I had the pleasure of photographing a birth story for Jen & Matt, but nothing since then. After the meeting last night, I decided to put this out there. I am interested and available to photograph your birth or if you know someone who is interested, I hope you’ll send them my way. You can find details about the services I offer on our Birth Photography page.


For a limited time, I will be offering to add either a maternity or a newborn session to your birth story for only an additional $75. This is a savings of $150. Simply mention this post when you’re booking your session!

Happy Wednesday 🙂

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