The Beauty of Window Light

One of the many things I love about our new home (yes, we’ve been here six months already, so it’s not really new anymore… but I still feel like we’re just getting settled in!) is the AMAZING window light we get all through the day. Our living room windows face West and our dining room windows face East… which means that throughout the day, we have beautiful soft light streaming through. I love window light for it’s softness and subtly. It just gives a warm feel to images without really trying.

Over the long weekend, Ella and I were talking about her Mya’s curly hair. (Mya is Ella’s word for Grandma, this started when she was first learning to talk and couldn’t say grandma… and the name has stuck!) Anyway, my mom has the most beautiful naturally curly hair, even though she’s spent a great deal of her life fighting the curls and straightening it! I’m not sure how the topic came up, but Ella was delighted to learn that she also has curly hair and wanted to see it. The deal we made… I’d make her hair curly, if she’d then let me photograph her with the curly hair 🙂 Talk about a win win. I spend a little bit of time with a hair dryer and diffuser to create a VERY happy Ella with curly hair, and then I have a beautiful model to photograph! Especially seeing as lately, Ella usually runs in the opposite direction when the camera comes out.

One of my favourite images from the day… and I’m not even really sure why!


Yup, even I get that cheesy grin sometimes 🙂


Love her so much!


Happy Thursday!

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