The “big” debate…

Over the weekend, Eric found this blog post. While I agree with some of the thoughts posted by this particular author, Eric and I had quite the debate about number 10. Which was whether or not to share stories about our family and life outside of the “business” on the blog.

Ulitmately, these are my thoughts. Sharing with you about our life, makes it easier for you to call me up and invite me into your home. It makes me seem “real” as opposed to someone you simply found on the internet. It helps you feel more at ease, especially if you feel nervous about being photographed. I think all of these things are really important for my work in creating beautiful portraits of you, your child and your family.

However, I’m basing these thoughts primarily on gut instinct. I’ve been in business for 15 years now, but only blogging for the last few months, which may mean that I’m completely out to lunch.

So here’s the question for you. Do you like reading the personal posts mixed in with tips and work? Please post your thoughts below or send me a message! I really would LOVE your feedback!

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