The Birch Tree

Last night, we had the pleasure of photographing new profile photographs for the practitioners at The Birch Tree. They have a gorgeous office, and I was excited to use their space for our backdrop. They are a very talented group of women and I do hope you will pay them a visit.

This is Jane. I may be a little biased, seeing as she helped deliver both my babies, but she is an AMAZING midwife!

This is Barbara, she the other midwife in the practice and having just come off maternity leave, I’m sure she will be an incredible support to the women she helps.

This is Cherise, the wonderful Cranioscaral therapist that has done so much to help Ella.

This is Co, she’s a Shiatsu and Reiki practitioner. I haven’t been to see her yet, but watching the way she lights up when she talks about her work, you can tell that she LOVES what she does.

This is Nancy, she’s a nutritionist who is passionate about helping families eat better.

This is Sarah, she’s a birth doula as well as a Hypnobabies instructor. She loves helping families transition from prenatal to parenthood.

This is Holly, she’s the friendly voice you’ll hear on the phone on Wednesdays when you call the clinic. She is also a Childbirth Educator, commited to providing a positive learning environment.

Last, but not least, this is Brianna. She is currently the cheerful voice you’ll hear on the phone the other days of the week. She is also attending school and is interested in becoming a mid-wife.

I should mention, that we are missing one person, and currently, the only guy in the practice…Andrew, who’s a counsellor, wasn’t able to make it out last night, but we’ll be catching up with him soon 🙂

Keep smiling and have a great weekend!

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