The Everyday Moments

The last few days, have been busy. Lots of paperwork needing to be caught up on. Deadlines that need to be met. I’m constantly writing down one more thing that needs to get done… and the list is already long. This is sometimes hard when you have two little ones at home that need/want your time and attention… especially when you know they deserve it. In the last two days, I’ve been struck by a couple of magic moments in our day, and I’m so grateful I took the time to slow down long enough to enjoy them.

Two days ago, I was busy putting laundry away. Tehya grabbed a book and sat down beside Ella, who’d offered to “read” it to her. As I continued putting clothes away and ticking things off the list… Ella read to Tehya on her bedroom floor… and they did this in complete joy for close to an hour. I should clarify that Ella can’t read yet, but she’s got an amazing capacity for memorization, so tells the story pretty accurately… and when she doesn’t remember, she just makes something up! Tehya loved every minute of it, and when I paused to watch them from the doorway for a moment, Tehya got up and shut the door! I was so grateful for them finding something quiet to do together and enjoy, while I got some stuff done.

Then, yesterday, I don’t think I was able to spend more than five minutes at my desk working, without Tehya coming over to pull at my hand and ask for me to come and do something with her. It was frustrating. So much to do… so little time. I eventually gave up on trying to accomplish anything and just played. Then after dinner, Ella asked if we could make cookies. I knew there wasn’t enough time to make a batch of cookies, but funnily enough, the night before, I found a recipe posted to Facebook for One Big Chocolate Chip Cookie by Cooking Classy. It claimed to only take about 5 minutes to make and another 12-14 minutes to bake… so I figured we had time for that. I doubled the recipe, as I knew they’d each want one and I’m so glad I did. The smiles on their faces when I gave them each a plate with a huge cookie on it made the stresses of the day melt away… plus they loved actually making them with me!

Ironically, the only images I have of either of these moments are in my head. I simply didn’t want to grab my camera (although, I did take one photo of the cookies when they came out of the oven with my phone!)… I wanted to remember the moment and enjoy making memories with my girls. For life truly happens in the everyday moments.

Happy Friday!

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