The Faraway Tree & The Wishing Chair

Sometimes it pays to be persistant. When we were little my parents had a collection of books by Enid Blyton. There were two series that my siblings and I absolutely LOVED, The Faraway Tree and The Wishing Chair. And by LOVED, I mean we read them so often that the books are well worn and falling apart. There were many discussions once my sister and I had kids how the books could be divided up and whether or not we should even be reading them because they seem so delicate but we really wanted to share them with our kids. That’s when my mom went searching. She spent a LOT of time looking and finally came across some on Amazon. So she bought a set of each of us…


While I don’t love that they’ve been made more into chapter books with less illustrations in them, I’m excited to have the collections. These stories capture the imagination and make you wish that you too could be taken off on adventures in a flying chair or climb up a magical tree into an ever changing world. They are whimsical, fun and easy to read. I can’t wait until my kids are old enough to listen to them!

p.s. Since we didn’t get any comments last week, this Friday we’ll be drawing for two books! “Bear Snores On” and “Bear Wants More”, both by Karma Wilson. So we’ll either have one lucky winner with two books or two lucky winners with one book each… we’ll make the decision based on the number of people who comment! So please share the books you love with us!

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