The Importance of Staying in Touch

Yesterday I received a lovely card from a friend who I haven’t seen in a long time. She’d received my yearly letter and just wanted to send a note to say thank you and let me know how much she enjoys it. She said that each year when she receives it, she means to write me a note to say hi and thank you… but never gets around to it. I was so very touched.


I’ve always wondered what people think when they receive my card and letter. Do they find it odd or do they enjoy it? Receiving the note yesterday was a very simple confirmation that it’s enjoyed, by at least one person 🙂 And if it brightens even one day, I’ll keep doing it!

It also highlighted something for me. In general, we all like to feel acknowledged. We like to feel like people care about us. It can be something as simple as receiving a Christmas card or picking up the phone to say hello. It’s just a matter of reaching out to people.

Eric’s family sends around a huge batch of letters in something called “The Robin”. This was started in the 1940’s at the suggestion of one of his grandma’s sisters. Each branch of the family would write their news before sending it along to the next family. It was a way for the siblings to keep in touch with each other, despite the great distances between them. We received the package last week and enjoyed taking the time to read through the letters that were included. It was fun to go back and read our last letter and see how much had changed since then… and it was a lot. It’s taking just over two and a half years for the Robin to make it’s way through the family, and there’s some talk about putting it online to keep the news more up to date and current. Personally, I think there’s something special about receiving the actual package of letters and taking the time to read through them.


You see, I have a theory. The more “connected” we’ve become online, the more disconnected we’ve become in real life. We’ve become satisfied with receiving tiny updates from people in the form of status updates… or longer updates like reading blogs. (See, I’m guilty of it too!) It allows us to feel connected, without actually having to leave the security of our little bubble we call home. When I look around at restaurants or cafes or any public spaces, I’m always surprised to see how many people are more interested in what’s happening on their phone than what’s happening with the people right in front of them. Is the news on Facebook really that life altering that you need to check it every 10 minutes? Is your email so urgent that if you don’t respond within an hour, the people will think you didn’t get their email? We’ve become so stressed in trying to keep up with the technology, that we’ve lost something important. Our ability to just be. To be in the moment and aware of what’s happening around us, is sometimes uncomfortable, but sometimes that’s a good thing. It allows us to grow and change and become better. So, while I’ll continue to update the blog and be on Facebook and “connected”, I’m also really glad that I haven’t forgotten the value of time. I’m really looking forward to spending time with my family this weekend, completely disconnected from the online world. I’m hopefully it will help to teach my girls the importance of being together and connected, face to face.

Happy Friday!

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