The Just Breathe Moments

Last night, I sat contentedly on the couch with my kids, watching a short movie on the iPod. It had been a long day at work and this time was just what I needed.  In that moment, I breathed in their joy and comfort. I savoured the way Tehya was cuddled on  my chest and the way Ella had wiggled under my arm.  I didn’t want it to end. For me, it’s these moments that make the “tough” moments as parents livable.

When Sarah was over the other night, she breathed a sigh of relief when she saw that bedtime wasn’t a complete breeze. That there were struggles and tears and “I don’t want to go to sleep”. I knew exactly where she was coming from. As parents, we worry. We worry that we’re not “doing it right”. We worry that everyone else somehow has that mystical answer to all the challenges of parenting, but that we somehow missed the boat. We worry that these beautiful people who we’ve been given to care for, will somehow discover that we don’t really know what we’re doing.

It’s in these moments of doubts that I remember. I remember moments like last night when they are cuddled in and content. I remember the joy in their faces when we blow bubbles. I remember that as long as I love them with all of my heart, that they will feel it. I remember that taking a moment to breathe, makes me a better mom.

And because every post is better with a photo, here’s one of my all time favourites of my girls.


Happy Thursday.

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