The Order of Things

I hope all the moms out there had a fantastic Mother’s Day! Mine… wasn’t exactly as I’d hoped for, but I loved it anyway! It included taking Ella to her karate class, a small shopping trip, lots of cuddles and dinner with my family that my dad prepared! (Best roast I think I’ve ever had!!)

I was lucky to receive a lovely outdoor picnic set for Mother’s Day, so part of my shopping trip was picking up a few things the kids could use outside. When I got home, Ella was delighted with the new dishes… and she preceded to line them all up, matching all the pieces in colours and sets. It was funny to watch her work away and talk to herself. She kept rearranging things until they were in the “perfect” spot. They are still sitting on our table, as I haven’t had a chance to put them away… and I’m sure Ella won’t be impressed with me undoing her work!


Happy Monday!

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