The question of quality…

Yesterday, I went shopping for new shoes for Ella. She had outgrown her favourite little runners, and since she flat out refused to wear any of the hand-me downs or rubber boots we already had (read full screaming meltdown when I put the boots on), I didn’t have a whole lot of choice. I went to the superstore and picked up two really cute (and cheap) pairs of shoes..together they cost me about $15. When I got back to my parent’s place to try the shoes on, Ella refused to try on one of the pairs and with the other pair, we got one shoe on, before the crying started and she was saying “off” and “hurt”.

Cute pair of cheap shoes # 1 (the ones she refused to try on!)

Cute pair of cheap shoes # 2

I was ready to cry, I was so frustrated. It had been two days of fighting to try and get Ella into shoes that fit! My mom suggested that I take her to the mall and go to one of the kids shoe stores, get her properly fitted and see what happened. Ella refused to leave until my dad said he’d come with us, so off we all went to Panda Shoes in Richmond Center. We had her feet measured and than the attendant walked over to one wall and pulled off two shoes that she had in Ella’s size. Ella immediately grabbed one of the shoes. As the attendant went to find her size in the back, I looked at the price tag and nearly choked…they were $65! For something that she would probably wear for less than 6 months! When the attendant came back, Ella happily let me put the shoes on her feet, asked my dad to put her down and promptly walked out of the store. We brought her back in and tried to show her a couple of other pairs of shoes, but each pair was met with “No, no, back”. So I took a deep breath and paid for the shoes. Ella is happy and I can stop worrying about putting her in shoes that are too small.

The ones we bought…

When you compare the “expensive” shoes with the “cheap” ones, there’s no contest. The more expensive ones are made from a softer leather, have a more flexible sole and generally seem more comfortable. So despite my frustration, Ella reminded me of a very important thing…the old adage of “You get what you pay for”. Whether it’s shoes or photography, sometimes it’s worth spending a little extra for the quality that you’ll receive.

Keep Smiling 🙂

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