The right camera for the job

After Katrina’s cell phone photo on the blog yesterday, I thought I’d write the tip of the week on the right camera for the job. So what is the best camera out there? Well it depends. As Katrina pointed out yesterday, the best camera for the job is the one that you’ve got with you. Even if you don’t include the two cell phones, we’ve got cameras in the double digits. We’ve got film cameras (more about those in a later post), digital cameras, pocket cameras and our working cameras. Granted, we are a little camera crazy in this house (we even have a photography clock, points to those of you who can figure out how it “works”).

Why do we have so many cameras? Because we use the right camera for the job.

Katrina’s cell phone camera is the best camera only when it’s the only camera, but our two pocket cameras get a lot of use. Why? We’ve got a Pentax WP (now the Pentax W90). It’s waterproof, spill proof and really small. It fits into the smallest pocket and even into my surf shorts. The images are pretty good and because we can use it underwater, we get a lot of fun stuff at the beach and in the pool. We’ve got a Canon G11. It’s an incredible camera for a pocket camera. The video is amazing and the images are really good. It fits into Ella’s bag and squeezes into Katrina’s purse. It doesn’t however fit into my surf shorts (which is probably a good thing, seeing as it’s not waterproof!)

If you want better quality than a pocket camera, you get into DSLR’s. We hardly ever take our “working” cameras with us when we go out. They are just too bulky, especially when Ella wants “up.” Having said that Katrina has an ability to create some amazing images when she uses our working cameras. I’m not putting down DSLR’s, the images are better than what you’ll get from any pocket camera. If the purpose of your outing is to create photographs, then a DSLR (or film camera) is the way to go.

So to sum up. Purchase the camera that you are going to have with you, not the one that is going to cause you to miss out on playing with your kids.

An ipod photo of a few of our favourite classic cameras and our two pocket cameras.

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