The Secret Garden

It’s been a rough week. A week of incessant “I want my mommy time.” A week where it’s been next to impossible to do anything but spend time with my girls. You see for the previous three weeks, my parents were away. This meant that while I helped my parents out by managing their business, Eric was home with the girls. It meant my girls only saw me for dinner and bedtime, which is a huge shift from what’s normal and no matter how much they love their daddy, they missed me. I love that they missed me, but I’ll say it again, it’s been a rough week.

So yesterday, I gave up trying to accomplish anything on my exceedingly long “to-list” and we went outside to play. I decided to take my camera with me because I wanted to photograph some of the amazing flowers that are coming up in my garden. (Have to say, it’s been so much fun seeing what the previous owners have planted! I keep wondering what’s going to pop up next! It’s an amazing, colourful surprise 🙂 )

Instead, I stumbled across this moment. Hidden under the arbour in the back corner of our property, my girls were simply enjoying being outside together. I love Tehya’s socks, which she insisted on wearing and I do mean insisted. Ella insisted they both wear dresses. Not my first choice of outdoor play clothes, but not worth the argument to get them into something else. You see, I have this rule, if it won’t matter in five years, I don’t worry about it. If it will matter in five years, then I think long and hard about the decision. So taking a break from work and heading outside with my girls, they may or may not remember that in five years, but I will… because all I’ll need to do is look at this.


Happy Friday!

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