The Start of Something Special

I think the first thing both Eric and I fell in love with when we first saw our new house was the backyard. Since spring, every morning I stand at the kitchen window and look to see what’s new in the garden. It’s like Christmas morning almost every day. I feel so incredibly lucky that we have inherited such an amazing space.

Last week, we started to make our own little mark on the space. Eric took out our existing shed and prepped a spot for our new shed. Where the shed used to be, we’re building a play house for the girls. It’s been a bit of a slow process, but yesterday I was excited to see the “real” start of the building process… we got concrete in!

It was a little funny to see this giant truck pull up in our driveway!


I’m pretty sure I got the “easier” job, to spread the concrete out while Eric ran back and forth with the wheelbarrow to get more from the truck!


All levelled off and ready to start building our new shed!


This is the spot I’m most excited about. This will be where the play house is going. Eric’s brother is an amazing builder who helped us come up with the plans for the new house. It’s going to have a little mini deck, and fun windows… and possibly even a loft bed inside. Can’t you just imagine how incredible it’s going to look hidden away in our garden? I can’t wait until it’s finished!! I think I’m more excited than the girls, as I’m imagining all the fun we’ll have out there!


Happy Friday!

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