The “Things” Moms Want

Yesterday I put up an informal poll on our Facebook page asking moms if they could have ANYTHING they wanted for Mother’s Day, what would it be? Answers ranged from trips to spa days to time alone to sleep. It was so much fun for me to read and see where I was on the scale of “things” moms want.

I LOVE being a mom. My kids are my greatest source of joy and happiness. I love the way they love me. I love to hear them laugh and sometimes, I even love to hear them cry. When I think about life since becoming a mom, I have to say that it is so much richer and this, I love.

BUT… even with all of that love, there are moments when I wish to be back in my pre-kid days. Days when I had control over how much sleep I got. Days when I could shower without an audience. And yes, sometimes even wishing for my “pre-kid” body back, no matter how proud I am of what my body nurtured.

Eric told me that it wasn’t fair to put up the poll, as all those husbands could now see what would be best to get their wives for Mother’s Day, while he still had no clue. So I thought I’d share my “want” list.

I’d love to be able to sleep in and then have a shower in peace. I’d love a day where I could do whatever I wanted. If I wanted to hide away in our room and read for a bit, I could. If I wanted to head into my crafting room and sew, I could. If I wanted to chase the kids around the backyard and have a tea party for lunch, I could. And I would be able to do all these things without guilt or other responsibilities. No cooking, cleaning, putting kids down for naps or dealing with discipline. I’d love to have a home made card from my girls and maybe even a special dinner. I’d also love a simple bunch of flowers. But above all these wants, a simple thank you for what I do every day as a mom is all I really need.

Oh… and maybe a little time to cuddle with my kids…


Happy Friday!

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