The things we do…

Sometimes you look back on a “brilliant idea” and think… oops, I should have thought about that before I started.

Eric and I decided a while back that for our niece and nephews birthdays, I would make them a small toy and if we could find a book that went with it, all the better. We also put some money into their RESPs. This has been working well so far… until my nephew’s third birthday in July. He’s really into dinosaurs, with his favourite being the T-Rex. I went searching for a pattern online and found this one. He was the best one (not to mention the cutest!) I could find, so I decided to go for it. Turns out, he was also the most ambitious toy I’d tackled to date. He took a LONG time to make, and Sam didn’t get his birthday present until a couple of days ago.

It was worth it to see his face and how excited he was with it. His first comment was “Oh, it’s a dinosaur!” About 15 minutes later my sister called me to say that I may need to make another one. Turns out there was a little bit of “arguing” over the toy between Sam, and his younger brother Eli. Ella, who saw part of it before it was finished, has also requested one. This is the part that I should have thought about before. Sometimes when you do something “cool”… everyone wants one!

Happy Wednesday!

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