The Value Of Time

Over the weekend, Eric spent some time building and painting a birdhouse with Ella. I was inside, busily trying to finish unpacking and organizing my office space, while Tehya slept. When Tehya woke up, I was a little frustrated because she hadn’t slept for very long. I still had so much work still to do!

We came downstairs and poked our heads into the garage to see how things were going. Ella came running over and excitedly told us what they were doing. Her smile was from ear to ear and she was simply beaming. She could hardly stand still, she was so happy. I gave her a kiss on the top of the head, told her to have fun and headed to the playroom with Tehya. I was hoping to find something to distract her, so that I could keep working, but Tehya was only interested in sitting on my lap and playing blocks with me!

A little while later, we heard voices under the deck. So I opened the blinds and watched as Eric and Ella found a spot under the deck and Eric hung up the birdhouse. Ella saw us watching and started dancing and pointing up to her birdhouse. Once they were done and they came inside to join us, Ella still couldn’t contain her excitement. She kept telling Tehya, “Look at what I did!” and “Birdies are going to come and live in my house!”

I tell you this story because it reminded me of something very precious. In the busyness of our lives, we often forget how valuable building memories are. We forget that spending an hour playing is worth more to our kids than anything we could ever buy for them. It is so precious. Ella & Tehya, thank you for reminding me, I needed that!


Happy Monday!

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