Things to be Thankful for…

Last night, as I was cooking dinner, Ella asked to watch a movie. Since Eric was out and it’s easier if she’s not “helping” in the kitchen, I agreed. I asked if it was okay if Tehya watched with her and she said, “Sure, that would be fine!” I’d hoped that since Tehya wasn’t feeling well, that this would provide enough of a distraction that I could get dinner finished and on the table quickly, so that I could get her to bed early.

I poked my head out of the kitchen a moment later and this was what I saw. Just the two of them, hanging out in my favourite chair. It made me smile.

Then after dinner, Ella asked if she could finish watching her movie, which I said was fine. I got Tehya into her pajamas and popped her beside Ella again, as I hadn’t had a chance to finish eating yet. I sat at the table watching them and smiling to myself at how good they are together. I saw Tehya put her head on Ella’s shoulder and snuggle in. I smiled when Ella snuggled right back. I didn’t think any more of it, until I stood up after I’d finished eating and saw this.

In the five minutes that it took me to finish my dinner, Tehya had fallen asleep on Ella’s shoulder without so much as a peep out of Ella. She seemed to know that Tehya just needed a little bit of cuddle time, so she sat there as still as could be. It was a moment that almost made me cry and one that reminded me of how much I have to be thankful for! I am one lucky mom 😀

Happy Thursday!

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