Time Flies!

When I was pregnant with Ella, I made two commitments. One, that I would keep a journal. In it I would record my thoughts and “document” the pregnancy and her life from my perspective. The idea was that I would stop when she graduates high school.

The other commitment was that I would photograph her once a month for her first year and put together an album of the images. My family all thought I was nuts (in fact, they still do!), because what would I do when I had a second baby? My answer – “The same thing!”

So far, I’ve managed to keep a journal going for both Ella and Tehya. (Yes, I’m doing a separate one for each of them). In it I write everything from the mundane of how much they weighed at their checkups (Tehya was 10 lbs 14 oz on Tuesday!) to special things, like the way Ella loves to cuddle into the crook of my dad’s arm, listen to music and “dance.” While it can be challenging to keep up with it at times, I truly believe it’s important. Why? Because life is busy and time flies. The mundane will be forgotten, as will some of the special moments. My theory is that if it’s written down and photographed, it’s easy to recall and that is worth it! 

Tehya was a month old on Sunday, but I didn’t manage to photograph her until Tuesday night…here are a few my favourites 🙂

I attempted to get some more sleepy baby photos… Tehya had other plans and woke up the instant I put her down!

Ahhh, baby feet, I LOVE them!!

To give you a little perspective as to how tiny her feet are, here they are in Eric’s hand.


Her smile makes my heart melt.

Happy Thursday!

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