Tuesday’s Tip – Time Management

With two kids, Kalem Photography, my own full time job, and a few other things that I have to do, I often seem to forget that time management is a myth. Yes, you read that right, “Time Management” is a Myth. We can’t manage time, time ticks by at the same rate no matter what we do.

So, what’s the key to finding a little more time to spend with the kids? We’ll it’s all about being more efficient. I’ve read lots of books, seen lots of speakers and tried lots of things in order to find more time in my day. I keep forgetting that there is no more time in my day. My day ends and the next day starts…

Here are three things that I have found that really work:

1. Separate your to do lists into four categories. (from a time management lecture by Randy Pausch) These categories are:

Important and due now

Important and due later

Not important and due now

Not important and due later

I’ve put them into the correct to do order already. The reason… If it’s important and due now, you need to do it. If it’s important and due later, it will eventually become important now. If it’s not important and due now or not important and due later, well it wasn’t important so you just don’t do it, unless of course, you have lots of time on your hands!

2. Check your e-mail twice a day. That’s it. Once when you get to work, and once when you leave. Don’t check it at home, or at lunch or in the middle of the day. Don’t check it on your phone or other mobile device. And please, please, please don’t turn the chime on. It’ll make you leave what you were doing, causing your mind to move away from that task, only to find out that there is a new Groupon for laser skin care. It takes time to get your mind back on a task.

3. A double whammy. Set time limits for your to do list and make sure that you put fun stuff on it too, like play with Ella at the park – 3 hours. (That’s one of those important and due now things) Defrosting the freezer is not.

Hope that helps.


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