Tiny Hands, Big Trust

On Saturday, Ella and I went out for some time with just the two of us. It wasn’t anything exciting, just some errands… oh and picking up our Christmas Tree 🙂 Our first stop was the post office. Ella LOVES to help out, so she carried one of my packages into the store. She put it up on the counter and watched intently as it was weighed, measured and taken away. I then purchased a roll of 100 stamps, which I promptly handed to Ella to carry for me. Ella was happy… the lady behind the counter was horrified. She basically told me that I shouldn’t trust Ella to hold the stamps because she might lose them. She went so far as to try and give me an empty envelope for her to carry. I insisted that it was fine, paid for our purchases and left.

Sure, I watched Ella to make sure she didn’t drop the stamps on the way back to the car. I also know how cautious and careful she is. If she drops something, she picks it up or tells me about it. Ella carried the stamps all the way back to the car with a great big smile on her face… because I trusted her with something important!

A little trust goes a long way. Happy Monday!

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