Tiny Success!

This past weekend was our scheduled “family time” for the month. If you’ve been following the blog for a while, you’ll know that January wasn’t quite what I had in mind… and I didn’t bother to blog about February, because it wasn’t either! If you haven’t been following the blog, the basic idea of family time is to spend time together just the four of us, whether it be on projects in the house or garden or out on an adventure at a local park. The idea is to NOT schedule anything else for the weekend, to try and unplug from technology and connect as people.

On Saturday morning, we slept in and had pancakes for breakfast. (This seems to be Tehya’s favourite meal lately and is asked for every morning!) Then we headed out to Nature Day at the local nursery. The girls loved learning about some owls and choosing out a new tool for the garden. When we got home, we headed outside for a little before the rain started. I grabbed our new camera and played for a little bit.

The girls playing “hockey” with their new tools… seems like a good use for them đŸ™‚


Close up of Ella’s eyes…


Wish I had Tehya’s lashes…


When the rain really started, Tehya and I headed inside and started to work on the curtains for her room, while Eric and Ella worked on a birdhouse in the garage. I was frustrated to discover that I’d miscalculated the length I needed for the curtains and so I didn’t have enough fabric… but a quick trip to the store solved that problem, as I was able to find more! On my way home, I picked up dinner and a movie. This was a special treat as we don’t order out very often. The kids were SO EXCITED that I’d rented a movie and as soon as dinner was done, we got them ready for bed and then we all sat down to watch Turbo. (Very cute movie!) As soon as the movie was over, we tucked them into bed and enjoyed a little quiet time, just the two of us.

We decided that since both the girls haven’t been feeling well for the last week or so, that we’d let Ella sleep in and not take her to karate Sunday morning. Instead, it was a quiet day, mostly spent at home. I was able to squeeze in a visit on Skype with a good friend in the UK before Eric let me “escape” for a couple of hours to head down and do some spinning at Farm Fairy Fiber. I came home feeling “filled up”. I love my family dearly, but I have to say that spending a little time on something for me, has a way of filling my cup up and making me a better mom. The girls were in bed early, so Eric and I spent some time getting a little bit of work done.

When I look back at the weekend, I can’t help but smile. The girls weren’t in the best of moods because they haven’t been feeling well, and we didn’t manage to stay completely off of technology BUT we did spend a lot of quality time together. I did manage to get Tehya’s curtains done and hung up, which takes one more thing off the exceedingly long to do list. But most importantly, when I asked Ella at bedtime what her favourite part of the weekend was, it was watching the movie together as a family on Saturday night. All in all, I can safely chalk up one for the “win” column this month!

Happy Wednesday!

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