Tip of the week

Friends often ask, “How do I take better photos of my kids?”, so I’ve decided that I’ll start posting a little tip for you. Here’s your first one, with more to come (hopefully weekly!)

*Be prepared. You never know when an opportunity is going to pop up. As a photographer, I have a few cameras (read too many for one person, but I simply can’t help myself…and neither can my husband!) So the other day, when we went for a walk to the park, I grabbed our little Canon G11 and popped it in my purse, because you never know. As we were leaving the park, heading towards home, Eric was a little bit ahead of me, holding Ella’s hand. It was TOO CUTE and I simply couldn’t resist. I hung back for a little longer and snapped the shot you see below. It’s not “technically perfect” but I love it just the same.

This tip, comes with a small word of caution. Don’t spend so much time with a camera in front of your face that you miss taking part in the action. After taking this photograph, I caught up with them, took Ella’s other hand and we continued our stroll through the park, as a family. It’s not about catching every single moment, it’s about having the option to.

Enjoy the sun 🙂

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