To let it go…or not…

Last week, Tehya discovered her thumb. It started out that when she’d wake up in the morning, she would have her thumb in her mouth. Now, she’s starting to seek it out during the day when she gets a little sleepy… and I’m feeling completely torn.

I remember watching the struggle my parents went through to try and get my older sister to stop sucking her thumb. I remember conversations between my mom and my aunt about different things they were trying to get my cousin to stop.  So I keep thinking that I should try and stop it now before it becomes a really entrenched habit.

The flip side, if it brings her comfort, why should I try and stop her? Besides she looks so cute when she does it!

I’ve already asked for some advice from family and on Facebook… but, moms out there… what are your thoughts? Do I let it go and hope for the best later or do I try and stop it now?

Happy Friday!

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