Today’s tip is worth a potential $10K!

One of Ella’s favourite foods is Cheerios and really, what kid doesn’t love Cheerios? However, the last box that we picked up came with the added bonus of a contest that could possibly win your child a $10K RESP! It’s really quite simple. Take a photograph of your child eating their favourite food (Cheerios!) and submit it for your chance to win. The contest closes on December 15th, which is soon!

Now for some tips for creating a winning photograph!

– Come up with a unique idea (ie. your child could be making a necklace with the cheerios)
– Make sure your background is clear of extra “noise” (ie. turn the highchair around so that it’s in front of a blank wall)
– Try to use natural light, so if you can place the high chair close to the window
– Don’t forget our tips on clothing
– Have FUN!!!

Happy Tuesday 🙂

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