Tuesday’s Snowy Tip!

With our recent dump of the cold, white stuff, Eric thought this week he’d give you a quick tip on how to take better photographs of/in the snow!

It’s simple, yet counterintuitive…. Overexpose your photograph by one stop… ish. (Would you like that in English?) The basic explaination is that your camera doesn’t understand that snow is white. It thinks that snow is grey. You need to tell it what to do. If you have a point and shoot with scene modes, the “snow” mode is excellent. If you have a more complicated camera, then change the exposure compensation (that’s the plus minus button) to plus one stop. Your camera now understands that snow isn’t grey, it’s white. Have a good time in the white stuff, and remember that your batteries loose their charge faster in the cold, so keep them warm.

And to make it a complete family post, here’s Ella’s thoughts on snow.

What is this strange white stuff that you’ve put me in?

There, I touched it, can you pick me up now?

Hope you’re all staying nice and cozy inside…and don’t worry, Ella had fleece lined jeans on, so she was nice and warm!

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