Tuesday’s Tip – Add More Light

We’ve had three weeks of specific lessons on basic camera principles. Aperture, the size of the opening that light comes through. Shutter Speed, the amount of time that light goes through the aperture. ISO, the sensitivity of your camera. Here’s the answer to your question: How do I take better photographs in low light?

Add more light.

Yup, you can forget all that stuff I talked about in the previous three weeks and just add more light. If you are a DSLR user, I would suggest that you purchase an external flash that can rotate and tilt. If you are a point and shooter, then open a curtain or turn on a few more lights. For family holidays I use an external flash mounted on the camera. I bounce it off the ceiling or a wall and I get great images almost all the time. Oh, and for those family holidays, I set the camera to Program Mode (not the green mode or the auto mode, but the P mode). Yup, you heard it. I set it for P. Why? The answer is in the name, it’s a holiday and I don’t want to think. Here is one quick image to show you just what you get when you add more light: (you can see the light that I bounced off the ceiling in the dog’s eyes).


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