Tuesday’s tip: add words

I believe that photographs are meant to tell a story. The portraits that Katrina creates tells the story of growth and they capture a moment in time. These moments are woven into the fabric of everyday life. The snaps that we often post of Ella, and the snaps that you probably take everyday of your kids, tell the story of daily life. Vacation photographs tell the story of a trip or of a special time with family. Photographs are wonderful tools in storytelling. What we often neglect to remember is that every complete story needs a few words. When you are creating a photo album, or you are taking everyday snapshots of your kids, remember to write some of the thoughts, the facts and the feelings of that experience.

Here’s an example

I have only two photographs from April 19, 2000, that’s it.

It may seem like an average day of rock climbing for a much younger looking Eric, but these two photographs bring back a flood of memories for me. They represent one of the greatest accomplishments of my life. My climbing and traveling partner Lisa and I had just finished climbing the longest and most mentally difficult routes we’d ever tried: 165 meters of vertical rock. It took us far too long, and as we reached the summit of the mountain the sun was setting. We waited for the moon to come up and descended under the full moon. I wrote three pages in my travel journal the next day. I talked about the euphoric feeling, the massive fear of heights that I discovered that day and the sense of accomplishment I found in overcoming that fear. As I re-read that journal entry, I get to re-experience a lot of those feelings. The photographs bring back the time and the place, and with the words in my journal I can transport myself back to the mountain.

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