Tuesday’s Tip – Birding

Last week, with the support of Canon Canada and Beau Photo, I took my class of Langara Photo-Imaging students birding. If you’re looking for a fun day out and are even into photography a little bit, I would suggest going down to your local camera store and renting a really long lens for the day. It’s simply oodles of fun. Students, who never thought that birding could be fun, had a blast. I’ve taken Ella a few times with my 600mm lens and she thinks it’s fun too. Right now there are lots of Snow Geese in town as well as Sandhill cranes, owls and raptors. Reifel Bird Sanctuary is a great place to go with kids as they have a million ducks and chickadees that are very tame. Just a warning… they LOVE to be fed!

Just for yourself, or for a fun day out with kids, go birding!

Here are a few images from last week.

Sandhill Crane

Wood Duck

Red Tailed Hawk



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