Tuesday’s Tip – Bouncing Flash

The best way to get a great photograph is to have really good light. Lighting is one of the trickiest things to learn but it’s also the single most important element of a photograph. We’ve talked about lighting before in our tips but I have a really simple example for you today.

In yesterday’s post, I’d taken some photographs of Tehya at my parents place when we were there for her birthday party. When Ella turned one, I took some photographs of her on the same couch. It was important for me to “recreate” this setting.

My parent’s living room faces north, so when the sun is shining, the light in that room is gorgeous, soft and perfect for portraits. When I did Ella’s portrait in there, it was a beautiful sunny day but for Tehya, the day was really cloudy and grey. The light was still really soft, but it was also really dark.

I also wanted to create some nice direction of light, as this is what helps us see shape in faces. So I simply turned my flash, so that it pointed at the white blinds and would bounce light onto Tehya’s face.

This was the result. You can see that the light is coming in from the right hand side of the image because it’s created a shadow on the left hand side of the image. It’s also a much softer and more

I’ll state the obvious here, but you will need to have a flash that is separate from your camera for this technique to work. It’s pretty hard to point your camera straight ahead and your flash to the right if it’s a built in or a pop-up flash.

Hope this tip was helpful. Don’t forget, we are happy to answer your questions, so post away here or on our facebook page.

Happy Tuesday!

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