Tuesday’s tip – Brighten your day

It’s late Tuesday night. Ella’s been a bit sick the last couple of days, so there have been lots of tears and late night cuddles with mom. Which means, here I sit to write today’s tip.

I ride my bicycle to work almost every day. I find that it’s a great time to reflect on things. One of the things that I try to do every day is to see three beautiful, amazing or funny things. This daily commuter exercise, both the physical and the mental, helps put me in a good place. Try it. On your commute for the rest of the week, whether it be in a car, on a bus or riding a bicycle, actively look for three things that make you smile. It’ll brighten your day, I guarantee it.

Here’s a quick abstract taken on my ipod of the light as I started my commute tonight. That’s one smile before I even got on my bike!

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