Tuesday’s Tip – Context

I’ve probably written this before, but photographs need context. Landscapes don’t seem as big in your photographs as they do in real life because we don’t have a sense of scale in a photograph. To add scale to your images, you need to add context. Context can be a person, a tent, a car, a road… anything so that we can immediately know its size.

Here is a scene with no context. We don’t get a sense of the grandeur of this valley.

In this image of the Rockies, there is context. We know how wide two lanes of traffic is, so we automatically know how big the river is.

It applies for little objects as well as landscapes.

Here’s an example of an object with no context.

Here’s the image with context.

It applies in portraiture too. That little hand looks so much smaller next to Dad’s big fingers.

Hope this helps! If you have any questions you’d like answered in a future Tips post, please email them to us.

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