Tuesday’s Tip – Education

I LOVE my job. It’s rewarding, fun and inspiring. It constantly reminds me of how beautiful life is and how lucky I am. I truly believe in the power of photography. It has the ability to make you smile or bring you to tears. It allows you to remember moments long passed and keep those you have lost close to your heart. It tells stories without saying a word. It is a gift.

This is my 16th year in business. I have seen a lot of changes in the industry, some good, some bad. I have watched lots of photographers come and go and the ones that stick it out are the ones that know this secret. Being a professional photographer is a lot of hard work and it requires constant learning. It is far more than just having a good camera. It is understanding how light works. It is being able to study someone’s face and know which is the best angle to photograph them from. It is being able to make someone feel comfortable in front of the camera. The list is truly endless.

I’m continually looking for ways to improve my work. I practice, I read, I study other photographers and I attend conferences. I realize that when a client hires me, I must provide them with my best. These are their special memories that I am being trusted with. It is not something I take lightly.

One of my favourite places to learn is at Image Explorations. You spend 5 days with one instructor. You spend that time surrounded by your peers in the industry. You leave inspired.

So the tip… no matter what type of photography you are doing (capturing your own personal snapshots, becoming a professional or anything in between.) education and practice are the keys to better photographs 🙂

If you’re just wanting to improve your own personal images, there’s a huge selection of basic courses offered. I know there used to be free classes offered by Lens & Shutter (quite possibly most camera shops) to learn the basic features of your camera. There are more advanced classes offered through night school. If you’re really serious about becoming a professional, there are full time programs out there as well.

This is one of the images that I took at Image Explorations last year. I was playing with LED lights!

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