Tuesday’s Tip – Flash

A while back I said to turn off your flash. Flash usually causes flat light, It can create red eye and is usually a bad idea. There are some situations surprisingly where on camera flash is your best friend. The problem is that your camera doesn’t know it. Here’s the situation. You’re on vacation, somewhere sunny, and bright, and probably hot. Lucky you. You’re trying to photograph a person under that noon sun and their eyes are looking really dark, there is a big shadow under their nose and they look very squinty. Your camera thinks it’s sunny, so it automatically shuts your flash off. What you really need is a little flash to lighten up those tropical sun causing shadows. Set your camera to “flash always fires” and not auto flash and POP those portraits will really come to life.

As you can see here, the photo on the left had a little bit of flash, which really brings out the eyes and features shadowed by the hat.

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