Tuesday’s tip – Food Photography

Two years ago, Katrina made Cinnamon Buns. She told me that before I ate them, I had to photograph them. On that occasion, it was a quick shot with window light and a reflector. Saturday night, when it was dark, Katrina asked me to photograph her latest delicious creation. Normally when you photograph food, it’s prepared for photography not for eating. Properly cooked food is very hard to photograph. Here’s what we captured last night.


So, how was it done? Well with a camera, tripod, a piece of wood, a plate, a desk lamp and a piece of white fabric that was lying around the playroom. It’s done in two shots. In the first, the light is behind the food creating the specular highlights. We then moved the light to the front of the food, put the cloth in front of the light and made a second exposure. Auto Align in Photoshop put the two files together reducing the shadows and bringing out the colour. A little photoshop sharpening and 5 minutes later… something that looks somewhat edible 🙂


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