Tuesday’s Tip – Food

It seems to be a week of food. I’ve been trying to loose some weight, but am having troubles because of Katrina’s desire to cook! So is it all her fault, or am I simply too weak to resist?

A few of you have asked questions about how I photograph food. Food photography, when it’s done really well is amazing. Food photographers use a variety of tricks like substituting potatoes for Ice Cream, corn syrup for water and white glue for milk. (This is probably information that you really didn’t want to know!)

Here’s a couple of examples of “not everything is as it seems.” I photographed lard and Styrofoam balls for these two Langara Catalogues.

What I’m doing for this blog is what I call “quick and dirty” food photography. It usually means that shortly after I take the photograph, I’m enjoying the food! The “quick” part of photographing food is crucial. Food starts to look unappetizing quickly, so you’ve got to be ready. You don’t need a lot of equipment. Most of the food that I photograph for Katrina, I’m using a camera, a tripod and whatever light is around. With quick and dirty photography it’s all about where you put your light. Nine times out of ten, you want to make sure that you’re looking down into your food and the light is coming from directly behind and above the food.

These two images were taken using this very simple lighting.

Here’s a quick diagram:

The toughest part of food photography is trying not to eat all the food.

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