Tuesday’s tip for Christmas shoppers

As Christmas fast approaches and the lineups in the stores get even longer, I have a tip for you. Go to a small store. Shopping for kids? Get away from Toys R Us with their huge lines and flustered employees and get to a small quaint toystore. I was in Splash Toy Shop in Steveston yesterday. The staff were friendly, their toys are great and prices are reasonable. Best of all, there were no lines! Another great kids’s shop is Kaboodles. Katrina and I were in the shop on West 10th last week and the service was fantastic.

I’m a last minute shopper and I have decided to become a last minute small store shopper. In another small store I was in yesterday, I had two employees helping me. It was great and I doubt you would find that kind of service in some of the bigger stores! For more gift ideas, check out Katrina’s post, for a “greener Christmas”.

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