Tuesday’s Tip – From ideas to reality

My wonderful cousin posted this image to Facebook.

I thought, cool what a wonderful idea. But what if…

What if instead of FAMILY, I found the images to spell my Ella and Tehya? What if I was able to get Ella to make the letter shapes with her fingers to spell her own name? That might be pretty cool. Or what if…

Well you can see where this is going. It’s about brainstorming and problem solving. You start with an idea and you run with it. For me, my commute is my thinking time. I find that when I’m on my bike, I always come up with the solutions to the problems that have been plaguing me. In this fast paced, go go go world we live in, I think that we all have to have a time and a place to just think.

For Pooh, it was his thoughtful spot.

I’d love to hear yours.


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