Tuesday’s Tip – Getting Creative

As some of you may know, Eric and I met at a photography “conference”. Really it’s a professional development school for photographers called Image Explorations, or IE as we like to call it 🙂 It’s a place for us to go to improve our skills, relax and connect with other photographers. A few years ago, during a brainstorming session, the idea was floated that one of the evening events be a “Super Shoot”, basically a bunch of different out of the ordinary things for the attendees to photograph. That first year, Eric was able to get some custom bikes, a bunch of classic cars, and lots of models to spread across the beautiful campus at Shawnigan Lake School. Everyone had a blast! So each year since, he’s come up with other unique ideas for the attendees.

This year he setup five stations with the other volunteers that help to run IE.

1: a pond

2: a glimmery wall of silver

3: a livingroom scene

4: an LED light wall with LED lights to illuminate the models

5: the 9 foot model.

Unlike other years, where he’s too busy to actually photograph any of the set ups, he did photograph the last setup… the 9 foot model. I thought the images were really unique, so wanted to share them with all of you!

Here’s what the set up looked like:


For the photo geeks out there, here’s the lighting diagram:

set diagram

And a couple of the finished images that Eric created.



So, our tip for you this week… when you’re feeling stuck in your business or the way you shoot, try something different. Challenge yourself to come up with something unique. Try recreating an image that you’ve seen somewhere or push yourself to think outside the box. I’m not sure where Eric came up with the idea for the 9 foot model or if it was something that came from the brainstorming sessions the team does before IE… but I would have never thought you could produce something so beautiful and different, by wrapping a model in fabric who’s standing on a 4 foot ladder!

Happy Wednesday 🙂

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