Tuesday’s tip – Getting the “Right Angle”

This past weekend we went to Whistler for a little family vacation. For today’s tip, I’ll share with you two different images of Ella sleeping on the hotel bed. The camera was exactly the same, the lens was exactly the same, all of the settings were exactly the same. Only the angle is different.

In the first image, you get context. You can see just how little Ella is on the bed. You can see the fact that she turned herself around to sleep, there is a long list of details that you can discover about the context of what was happening when the photograph was taken. But that’s all you get from the image…information. It’s not storytelling and there isn’t much emotion in the photograph.

The second photograph was taken just above the height of the bed. Much of the context is taken away. You don’t really know where she’s sleeping, you don’t know that she’s turned around in bed. Why is the second image so much more compelling? It’s all in the storytelling. Many of the details we don’t need to know. The second shot is not about setting a scene, it’s about emotion. (or as Katrina would say, how cute she looks!)

When you are taking photographs of your kids, try and remember what the purpose of the photograph is. Is it a documentation, or is it an emotional connection? It all depends on your point of view.

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