Tuesday’s Tip – Getting “unstuck”

Inspiration… or the lack there of, is something most people in a creative profession will face at one time or another. Both Eric and I have talked about it before in several posts. Just type in “inspiration” in the search bar at the side of this page and several posts will pop up. All filled with ideas about how to seek inspiration.

I’ve been feeling a little stuck for the last couple of weeks. Writing posts has been hard. Thinking up new ideas for promos has me stumped. It’s likely a combination of little sleep, lots of paperwork and very little time spent just “being”. I truly believe that if you take a little time each day to look around and find three things that are beautiful to you, you will rekindle that inspiration.

So this morning, when Tehya woke up, I just sat and watched her smile at me. Then when Ella woke up, I enjoyed the simplicity of her telling me stories. Then I had the pleasure of watching them both giggle as Ella tickled Tehya. In these moments, I reminded myself that it’s okay to slow down. It’s okay to not work so hard every day. It’s okay to just be.

So when you find yourself feeling a little stuck, stop “trying” and just be. Be in the moment. Enjoy a cup of your favourite tea or coffee. Watch your kids play. Listen to the birds sing in the trees. Take a nap. Your creative juices will start to flow again, I promise 🙂

And because every post is better with a photograph, here’s an oldie but a goodie. Taking a little time to go for a walk will help too!

Happy Tuesday.

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