Tuesday’s Tip – Glasses

Now that Tehya is here, it’s back to work. Well back to work around the lack of sleep, the diapers, dishes, dinner…(I’m beginning to understand what Katrina does in an average day)

Onto the tip. Photographing people wearing glasses can be a tough challenge, especially when you use window light. You get the dreaded “glare”, which is essentially a reflection bouncing into your lens. If your ‘mom’ is looking out the window or has her head turned towards the window you get a nasty bright reflection. The bright reflection from the glasses takes away from the eyes, which are simply too important to loose in a portrait. The easiest remedy is to turn her head towards the camera (or away from the light source to be more precise) and viola the glare is gone. Simple, yet effective!


And after:

Now I just wish parenting with two was this easy.

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