Tuesday’s Tip – Gratitude

This week’s tip has absolutely nothing to do directly with photography. I’ve said it different ways, countless times before and it has to do with recording things now, while you can. So many times we wait, because the moment is not right, or maybe your kids are missing their front teeth, or maybe you want to lose ten pounds. We always have a laundry list of things that keep us from setting up a time to have a family portrait taken.

While I realize that having a professional portrait taken is not for everyone…here’s my challenge to you. Why not take what you’ve made excuses for and instead of using it as a reason to not have portraits taken, celebrate it? Be grateful for your health, even if you think you need to lose ten pounds. Be grateful that your kids have that perfect gap toothed grin. Be grateful for the moment now, instead of waiting for it to be perfect. Things change so quickly, it’s important to celebrate what you have now. So whether you hire me, someone else or you do it yourself, please just capture these moments.

…and because every post is better with a photograph, here’s one that I posted a couple of years ago. It reminds me that there is beauty in the every day and that life is forever changing.

Wishing you a wonderful day 🙂

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