Tuesday’s Tip – How to be a guest at a wedding

It’s the middle of summer and that means the middle of wedding season. I belong to a few forums with wedding photographers… This year, more than any other year, it seems that the pros are complaining about “cell phone photographers.” Personally, I don’t mind all the extra cameras and cell phones at a wedding. As a photographer, I’ll even photograph the back of someone’s camera, just to add to the story that I am telling. I understand that you want to capture these moments in your life too.

But… we’re also hearing from couples after the wedding, complaining that when they looked out at their friends and families, all they saw were Samsung Galaxies and Apple iPhones. Couples that are reading the blogs are asking their guests to leave their technology at home. Here’s my advice (and Tuesday’s tip):

Enjoy the moment, leave your phone and camera at home. The weddings that I’ve attended as a guest, where I’ve left my camera at home, I’ve really enjoyed. Let the photographer, and all the other guests, take the photographs, and simply be present. If for some reason, you absolutely must have your camera… Pretend it’s the days of film and limit your day’s photographs to just 24. That was a roll of consumer film in days gone by. Pick your moments to shoot, and just enjoy the rest of the day.


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