Tuesday’s tip – How to make a point and shoot more versatile.

I thought that I’d share a travel photography tip that makes your point and shoot much more versatile. The image quality won’t be that good, but sometimes that’s not the point with travel photos; Travel photos are for you. It’s actually two accessories that you can take with you that enhance the zoom of your camera.

The first is binoculars. I know it sounds crazy and I’ll admit it often looks terrible, but… If you set your point and shoot to macro mode and get the lens right next to the binoculars, you can often get the magnification that the binoculars are getting. Here’s an example of what you’ll get.

The second idea is based on the first idea. With binoculars, you get a telephoto lens, but you can also get a wide angle lens by taking the front element out of a normal SLR lens. You can find broken lenses at swap meets, camera repair shops or online. All you need to do is unscrew all the little screws from the lens and just grab the front lens element. Set your camera to macro mode, point the lens through the glass and voila, a wide angle lens.

Have fun tinkering.


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