Tuesday’s tip – last minute gift ideas that are a little different.

Seeing as I haven’t finished my shopping yet, I thought that I’d post a few gift ideas that revolve around education. I’m a huge fan of short, interest based courses.

The Cookshop, located in Vancouver, offers fantastic cooking classes in the evening and on weekends. You can sit, watch, eat or participate. Katrina and I have been to a couple and they are fantastic.

Katrina posted about her recent experience at Cocoa Nymph. For chocolate lovers, a class at Cocoa Nymph would be very tasty.

Lee Valley, with two stores in Vancouver and one in Victoria, offers a variety of classes on a wide variety of topics from paddle carving to gardening.

Kalem Photography offers one on one or family tutorials on everything photography. You can custom design your time with us to get maximum benefit.

Know of any other great classes? Please post them in the comments below!

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