Tuesday’s tip – Less is More

Less is more? Well, what I mean is less is better. Most people, when they take a photograph think, “What’s missing?” The question that you should be asking is, “What can I take out?” or “What is the story I’m trying to tell?” Here are a few before and after photographs.

There are lots of ways to get less. Cropping by using a different composition is a great one.

This before shot screams tourist trap and the bus truly distracts from the architecture of the building.

By simply cropping the image, you eliminate everything that you don’t need and have a much cleaner photograph.

How about a slightly tighter crop or a little zoom?



Darkening of the edges (vignette) as well as a slight edge desaturation helps draw the viewers eye and removes distracting colour.



Then again, rules are made to be broken.

So before you take your next photograph, ask yourself these three simple questions and you may find your images are stronger and more appealing.

1 – What am I trying to say with this photograph? This is particularly true when you’re traveling. Do you simply want documentation of where you went or do you want to tell a story?

2 – What can I eliminate to make this image stronger?

3 – What am I going to do with the image once I take it?

Hope this helps and if you have a question that we can answer on Tuesday, post your question below or send us an email!

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