Tuesday’s Tip – Letting your Kids use the Camera

If your kids are anything like mine, they are innately curious about the camera. They want to see the photos as soon as you take them, they want to touch it and play with it, but mostly they want to take their own photos.

We have more cameras than I care to really think about. When Eric and I traveled to Europe 6 years ago, we had 6 cameras between the two of us. Yes, it’s a little out of hand. The benefit for us, is that we have a couple of cameras that are not our working cameras and ones that are easy for the kids to use.

This past weekend, we spent some time on the Sunshine Coast visiting friends. We went to the beach Saturday morning and Ella asked if she could please take some photos. I pulled out our G11, set it up for her and showed her which button to press, and these are a few of the images that she captured. Technically not perfect, but they make me smile. It’s life from her perspective and I love it.




So the next time your kid asks if they can use the camera, let them, you might be surprised by what they see 🙂

Happy Tuesday.

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