Tuesday’s Tip – Lighting to create shape

Lighting. Probably one of the biggest keys to making a photograph look great and one of the hardest things to master. There are so many options for light sources and then you get into lighting patterns and light modifiers. It can be a little overwhleming! That said, a simple way to improve your photography is to look for light that creates shape.

Here I’ve used a flash bounced off the ceiling. As you can see the light is “flat”, meaning there’s no real shape to Tehya’s face.

Here I opened the blinds and used the light coming in from the window. It’s created a direction of light, by casting shadows. These shadows help you to define the shape of Tehya’s face.

Hope this helps and remember if you have questions, please send us an email or post it to our facebook page and we’ll answer it in a future post!

Happy Tuesday 🙂

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