Tuesday’s Tip – Lighting

One of the most critical elements of photography is lighting… it also happens to be one of the hardest to master. It’s not a simple thing to explain either… especially for me, the “non-technical one”. I’ll start with window light and maybe in another post, we’ll cover (ie. I’ll get Eric to be teckie geeky for you!) some other types of lighting.

I LOVE window light. It can be challenging to master but it is a simple way to give shape to a face in a photograph. It is also really beautiful! A couple of things to keep in mind when using light from a window:

1 – Avoid direct light streaming in.
2 – Place your subject next to the edge of the window with a simple background.
3 – Photograph parallel to the window.
4 – If you can, use something white like a pillow, to bounce light onto the shadow side of the face.

Here’s a few images to help you out:

Here’s Ella hanging out with her “bears”. The light coming in the window was very soft, as the clouds were covering the sun.

Here’s a wider view of what the window looks like that I used in the last image. I didn’t use a bounce card… because as you can see, I didn’t have much time before Ella decided that she was done with being my subject! Oh how I miss the days when she couldn’t get off the chair without help!

In this image, Ella was facing the window, but turned her head to smile at me. This creates the nice shadows you see. A simple bounce card was used to put some light into her left cheek.

While this image is cute (yes, I’m completely biased!) The lighting is “flat”. Basically, this means that there’s no real dimension in Ella’s face, because she is facing the window.

If you have questions, I’d love to hear from you! Post a comment or send me an email.

Keep Smiling!

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