Tuesday’s Tip – Mini Assignments

With being back to the blog on a regular basis, I also thought it was time that we returned to some of our “regular” blog items, including Tuesday’s Tips! I often find that when I’m busy it’s hard to be creative and come up with new ideas. It’s easier to get up in the morning and follow the same routines over and over again… BORING! So when I find I’m feeling stuck and needing to shake things up a little, I head to our “ideas box”. This box has two forms, one an actual little recipe box and the other a computer folder.

The actual box looks like this:


I know, not very exciting… but what’s inside is fun! It’s a collection of ideas and projects, some photography related, others not, but the important part is that it’s all creative things I’d like to try or patterns I’ve collected. Basically, it’s a way to force myself out of the rut.

Now the Computer Folder… it’s a lot like Pinterest but it’s private. In here, I put images that I find inspiring and things I want to try. This folder is mostly filled with Mini photography assignments. The images that I collect intrigue me and make me wonder how/if I can re-create that image… and then to push myself to create something completely different using the techniques I’ve just learned.

So here’s my challenge to you for 2013. At the end of each month, check in with yourself. Are you feeling bored/stuck/frustrated? Then it’s time to seek inspiration and I hope that today’s tip pushes you to find it!

Happy Tuesday 🙂

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